Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter = Life vs. Death

The idea of "life as waste" begins long after conception and birth. It defies the hope and sense of the miraculous that surrounds the arrival of a child. It is its own punk subculture that must necessarily render motherhood as darkness.

To organize a
body to begin with, to manufacture a biological house for consciousness, starts with them. Two as one to lay down a blueprint for a third, then she executes the organization of that house.

Jesus' claim is that the resulting person is a temple. Descartes counters that we are machines. All of the ethic that surrounds the scientific method follows Descartes' logic. To embrace either stance is to refuse the other.

When Christ offers resurrection, he is offering a reunification of two things (spirit & body) that were initially unified by your mother. The implicit message is that the initial unification was not for nothing.

To refuse this idea is to embrace the body as a machine, and to ultimately take Descartes' notion to its logistical end. This means that entropy is your Gospel, and motherhood a mere robotic ritual.

I believe Christ's message. I believe the symbolism of his wound bleeding blood and water. Resurrection is a response to a call, and we live the song.

I think the temptation of the machine is just food for the ego. The entropy of our world feeds into it. Our pop culture glorifies it. But none of that makes it true.

Thanatos is just part of the Natural Man/Woman. Don't listen to it.

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