Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Drive-By Mormon History, Gems of Thought Circa 1872 Edition

Today's Drive-By Mormon History is from A Fragment: The Autobiography of Mary Jane Mount Tanner (from the Introduction) edited by Margery W. Ward:

"I too have some gems of thought and beautiful ideas that float through my mind like mists on a summer morning. But would they be appreciated? This is such a commonplace world after all, that it would be like putting sugar on our meat and potatoes; it would waste the sugar and spoil the meat...One can say all sorts of things if they are well said, and people are interested and think them witty or smart; but when I have an idea that I consider particularly nice, I turn it over in my mind until it seems so very stale that if I mention it I expect to hear someone say, 'how stupid.'" (diary, December 6, 1872)

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